• History

    Discovering Old Manuscripts

    How a Rare and Ancient Manuscript Moved Me to Write a Novel

    By Natalka Burian  October 19, 2020

    The GOP Lost Its Way Long Before Trump

    By Carlos Lozada  October 19, 2020

    The Delight of Daniel Mendelsohn

    By James K.A. Smith  October 16, 2020
    Singer Songwriters

    How Does the Great Dolly Parton Write a Song?

    By Lydia R. Hamessley  October 14, 2020
    Cundill History Prize

    Read from the 2020 Cundill History Prize Shortlist

    By Literary Hub  October 14, 2020
    Cundill History Prize

    The Two Languages That Shaped the History of India

    By Richard M. Eaton  October 14, 2020
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