• Craft and Advice

    Lit Hub Questionnaire

    Anne Enright Stays Inside the Work

    By Anne Enright  September 19, 2023
    Talk Easy

    Betty Gilpin on Being In It For Big Feelings

    By Talk Easy  September 19, 2023
    Book Marks: What the Critics Are Saying
    The Craft of Writing

    Kathleen Rooney on Writing Architecturally

    By Kathleen Rooney  September 15, 2023
    Keen On

    Lang Leav on Fiction and Authenticity

    By Keen On  September 11, 2023

    Jimin Han on Unconventional Points of View

    By Write-minded   September 11, 2023
    The Craft of Writing

    Sean Michaels on Collaborating with AI to Write a Novel

    By Sean Michaels  September 8, 2023
    The History of Literature

    James Shapiro on Shakespeare and America

    By History of Literature  September 18, 2023
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