Craft and Criticism

What to Read

Five Great Contemporary Mexican Writers

By Will Evans  May 5, 2015

On the Lost Art of the Comic War Novel

By Literary Hub  April 30, 2015

Independent Bookstore Day is Coming!

By Literary Hub  April 30, 2015
Dear aspiring writer

The Anxiety of the First-Time Novelist

By Mark Andrew Ferguson  April 28, 2015
Short story writers

How to Dispose of a Body

By Jamie Kornegay  April 27, 2015
Close Reading

Falconry as therapy

By Helen Macdonald  April 24, 2015

On the Subject of my Suicide

By Norah Vincent  April 23, 2015

Rick Moody: 1,500 Words a Day

By Newtonville Books  April 23, 2015

When Writers Attack

By Jonathan Gottschall  April 23, 2015
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