Literary Criticism


The Prettiest Way to Die

By Christina Newland  October 3, 2017
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Ralph Ellison’s Tragicomic Soul

By Alejandro Nava  October 3, 2017
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My Own Personal Herakles

By Renée Branum  September 29, 2017

Marianne Moore’s Sexist Reception

By Evan Kindley  September 27, 2017

Did Mark Twain Anticipate the Nazis?

By Arvind Dilawar  September 22, 2017
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More than the Beauty or the Heroine

By Zan Romanoff  September 20, 2017
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Why We Keep Waiting for Godot

By Shannon Reed  August 30, 2017
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Reading Jane Eyre While Black

By Tyrese L. Coleman  August 28, 2017
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The Unreality of Coming of Age

By Clare Sestanovich  August 21, 2017
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