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10 brand-new books to get from your local indie today.

Katie Yee

December 8, 2020, 9:30am

‘Tis the season… to support your local bookstores! If you’re looking for presents (hello, Chanukah starts this week!), look no further than this list of brand-new books hitting shelves today. From the history of pop to Rachel Maddow’s takedown of a criminal to a story about a cannibal (yes, 2020 is officially the year of the cannibal book)—we’ve got a little something for everyone.


Chelsea G. Summers, A Certain Hunger

Chelsea G. Summers, A Certain Hunger
(Unnamed Press)

” A Certain Hunger is a swaggering, audacious debut, and a celebration of all the wet, hot pleasures of human contact.”
–The New Republic


Peach Blossom Paradise, Ge Fei

Ge Fei, tr. Canaan Morse, Peach Blossom Paradise
(New York Review of Books)

“An engrossing retelling of the Peach Blossom Paradise myth. . . . Rather than offering a well-trodden narrative of romance and revolution, Ge Fei shows that a determined revolutionary isn’t necessarily a shrewd one.”
–Publishers Weekly


Judith Schalansky, tr. Jackie Smith, An Inventory of Losses

Judith Schalansky, tr. Jackie Smith, Inventory of Losses
(New Directions)

“The political import of her work lies in her attention to the possibility of multiple narratives, fragmented by time yet cumulatively powerful. Here, private losses are interspersed with stories of large-scale environmental or societal collapse.”
–The Baffler


Catherine Hernandez, Crosshairs

“Hernandez presents the disintegration of Canada into a bifurcated society of haves and have-nots, a story made all the more terrifying for how much of it has already come to pass.”
–Quill & Quire


Take it Back_Kia Abdullah

Kia Abdullah, Take it Back
(St. Martin’s Press)

“Readers may find themselves believing one side, then the other, up until the shocking ending. Abdullah is definitely a writer to watch.”
–Publishers Weekly


James Sullivan_Unsinkable

James Sullivan, Unsinkable

“Sullivan has done his homework, and readers will enjoy his generous digressions into biography, courtship, shore-leave horseplay, shipboard politics, and a postwar summary.”


Bag Man_Rachel Maddow and Michael Yarvitz

Rachel Maddow and Michael Yarvitz, Bag Man

“Maddow’s fans will enjoy this entertaining and well-researched recap of Agnew’s comeuppance and its barely-veiled yearning for prosecutors to haul Trump into court.”
–Publishers Weekly


mozart_jan swafford

Jan Swafford, Mozart: The Reign of Love

“A virtually indispensable volume for the music collection.”


the invention of medicine_robin lane fox

Robin Lane Fox, The Invention of Medicine
(Basic Books)

“Searching, lucid, and challenging, Fox’s book presents a vivid picture of Hippocratic creativity.”


can't slow down_michaelangelo matos

Michaelangelo Matos, Can’t Slow Down

“A savvy, effervescent, and definitive document of a pivotal time in pop.”

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