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    Diary of a Shutdown: A Furloughed Worker Watches 24 Hours of CNN

    On the Mundane Horror of Government Shutdown News

    January 22, 2019  By Ryan McDonald

    New Nonfiction

    David Treuer on the Myth of an Edenic, Pre-Columbian 'New' World

    Indigenous American Civilizations Are Far Older and More Complex Than History Suggests

    January 22, 2019  By David Treuer

    Writing Life

    Why Can't Sisters Get Along?
    A Reading List

    From Edith Wharton to J. Courtney Sullivan, a Literature of Sibling Friction

    January 22, 2019  By Lynda Cohen Loigman

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    From Juliet Lapidos' novel, Talent

    From Elizabeth Brooks' debut novel, The Orphan of Salt Winds

    From Michael Downing's novel, Still In Love

    From Leïla Slimani's novel Adèle