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    The Gordon Lish Lineage of
    Jewish American Writing

    The Editor's Most Significant Achievement is One We Scarcely Talk About

    September 25, 2018  By Josh Lambert


    Ben Fountain Reports From the NRA's National Convention, Surrounded by
    11 Acres of Guns

    On the Paranoid Style in American Gun Shows

    September 25, 2018  By Ben Fountain

    New Nonfiction

    Nietzsche, Adorno, and a Horse Walk Into a Valley...

    John Kaag on Life, Death, and the Temporary Pathos of Distance

    September 25, 2018  By John Kaag

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    From Diane Williams' collection The Collected Stories of Diane Williams

    From Marream Krollos' book, Big City

    From Paul Matthew Maisano's novel, Bindi

    From Esther Kinsky's novel, River