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    In the Wake of Trump, YA Novels Highlight Immigrant Narratives

    In Praise of a Sorely Needed Addition to the Genre

    September 21, 2018  By Holly Genovese

    New Nonfiction

    On the Unlikely Transformation of a Young, Bourgeois Fascist

    The Life and Times of Luce D'Eramo, Author of Deviation

    September 21, 2018  By Anne Milano Appel


    What Does Democracy Look Like?

    On Occupy Wall Street, Protest Chants, and Participatory Democracy

    September 21, 2018  By James Miller

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    From Paul Matthew Maisano's novel, Bindi

    From Esther Kinsky's novel, River

    From Gabriela Alemán's novel, Poso Wells

    From Lydia Kiesling's novel, The Golden State