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Does Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Violate the Religious Test Clause of the Constitution?

Michael Rips Makes the Case She Was Chosen Precisely Because of Her Religious Beliefs

By Michael Rips  October 26, 2020

Michiko Kakutani on
Why We Love Books

And on Relevance of Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism Today

By Michiko Kakutani  October 26, 2020

Tommy Orange on Vulnerability and Familial Love

"The bridge over which we span is not as connective
as we believe it to be."

By Tommy Orange  October 26, 2020

On Patrick Modiano and Perfecting the Art of Repetition

Mark Polizzotti Considers a Writing Career That
Comprises a "Single Work"

By Mark Polizzoti  October 26, 2020

Bill Clegg on the Unknowability of... Well, Everything

In Conversation with Mitzi Rapkin on the First Draft Podcast

By First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing   October 26, 2020

Alisson Wood on the Myth of Catharsis and Reclaiming One's Power

The Author of Being Lolita in Conversation with Luna Adler

By Luna Adler  October 26, 2020