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    Finding Cherokee America: Deciphering My Convoluted
    Family History

    It Took Margaret Verble Twenty Years to Write Her Novel and It Was Worth It

    February 19, 2019  By Margaret Verble

    Pop Culture

    A Star Is Born: Meta-Critique or Repetition of a Tired Cycle?

    Ahead of the Oscars Ben Rybeck Previews the Best Adapted Screenplay Nominees

    February 19, 2019  By Ben Rybeck

    Pop Culture

    Important: 50 Literary Cameos
    in 90s Movies

    Or, An Elaborate Excuse to Revisit 10 Things I Hate About You

    February 19, 2019  By Emily Temple

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    From Han Kang's novel, The White Book

    From Leri Price's translation of Khaled Khalifa's novel, Death Is Hard Work

    From Tess Lewis' translation of Monique Schwitter's novel, One Another

    From Yuko Tsushimi's novel, Territory of Light