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    The Booker Revisited: Why Everyone Should Read The Bay of Noon by Shirley Hazzard

    Lucy Scholes Reads Booker Prize Titles of Years Past

    By Lucy Scholes  June 2, 2023

    Luis Alberto Urrea on Family Stories and the Work of Witnessing

    “We carry inside us a theater, a library, a storehouse of quotidian detail that becomes heroic and eternal by the force of our art.”

    By Luis Alberto Urrea  June 2, 2023

    Logan Steiner on Learning Life Lessons From Anne of Green Gables

    “Anne continues to help me see how much more possibility exists in the world for unbridled expression.”

    By Logan Steiner  June 2, 2023

    André Naffis-Sahely on the Power of Time, Temporality, and Memory

    Peter Mishler Talks to the Author of High Desert

    By Peter Mishler  June 2, 2023

    As Seen on TV: Charlotte Gill on Adjusting to American Life

    “I learned that shame lived in the silence.”

    By Charlotte Gill  June 2, 2023