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    Readings on the Life, Works, and Conflicts of Norman Mailer

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    Howard Markel on the Debate That Forever Transformed Our Understanding of the Natural World

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    How Reading Grief Memoirs Helped Cody Delistraty Understand His Loss in New Ways

    The Author of “The Grief Cure” on the Unexpected Invisibility of the Grieving

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    Playing With Time: On the Art of Imagining in Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams

    Alizah Holstein Considers the Intersection of Academic Knowledge and Creative Passion

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    Carina del Valle Schorske on Putting Rhythms into Prose

    In Conversation with Merve Emre on The Critic and Her Publics

    By The Critic and Her Publics   June 25, 2024

    Tracy O’Neill on Searching For Her Birth Mother During a Pandemic

    “I wanted her, wanted everything, and all of her was missing.”

    By Tracy O'Neill  June 25, 2024