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    Do Great Writers Really Steal?
    On Plagiarism and Publishing

    The Art of Fielding Law Suit Has Come to an End. OR HAS IT?

    July 19, 2018  By Lincoln Michel

    Personal Essays

    Why I Can't Stop Attempting
    Impossible Reading Projects

    For Every Book You Manage to Read, There are 1,000 You’ll Never Get To

    July 19, 2018  By Jonathan Arlan


    Series, Sagas, Cycles... How About We Call Them "River Novels"?

    Kent Wascom: A Different Way of Thinking About Maximalist Storytelling

    July 19, 2018  By Kent Wascom

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    From Alissa Nutting's collection, Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls

    From Victoria Patterson's collection, The Secret Habit of Sorrow

    From Maria Dahvana Headley's novel, The Mere Wife

    From Donal Ryan's novel, From A Low and Quiet Sea