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Now you can check(mate) in to a Queen’s Gambit-inspired hotel room.

Jessie Gaynor

January 8, 2021, 10:02am

In the perfect collision of quarantine binge-watching and post-quarantine travel dreaming, the 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky has created a Queen’s Gambit-inspired hotel room (the Harmon Room), complete with swinging sixties decor and a ceiling chess set (though presumably it’s BYO-tranqs).

It also includes a complimentary “Lex Liquors” tote bag, in case you’re going through some stuff and want to re-enact Beth’s downward spiral-into-triumphant return. Our favorite historical touch, of course, is the collection of rare books on loan from Lexington’s Black Swan Books.

Unfortunately, the room is available for a limited time only, but… maybe the vaccine roll-out will get really efficient all of a sudden? Eh? Cuomo? Anyone?

[via Time Out]


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