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We’re finally going to get to read Kelly Link’s novel.

Emily Temple

September 27, 2021, 3:26pm

Today in Good Things The Internet Told Me: Kelly Link’s debut novel at last has a pub date! That’s right—the MacArthur Fellow and Pulitzer Prize finalist, who we’ve heard has been working on a novel, has, in fact, been working on a novel. And soon we will get to read it.

But first we will get some more stories, which I am also not mad about at all.

According to her agent Renée Zuckerbrot, Link’s next story collection—White Cat, Black Dog which, per Publishers Marketplace, is “a set of eight fairy tales, each one transfigured and reinvented for the modern world, finding seeds of inspiration in the Brothers Grimm, 17th-century French tales, Scottish ballads, and other source material,” otherwise known as a Kelly Link collection—will be published by Random House in 2023; and her DEBUT NOVEL (remember she already has a Genius Grant), which is called The Book of Love, will be with us in 2024.

While you wait, why not read Link’s advice to debut writers; or her ode to Robertson Davies’s Fifth Business; or a look back at her brilliance only ten years after Magic for Beginners?

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