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    Lit Hub officially endorses “Goblin mode” as Oxford’s Word of the Year.

    Katie Yee

    November 21, 2022, 1:34pm

    Because we believe in democracy here at Lit Hub dot com, I felt it was particularly important that you all knew about this upcoming vote: Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year. Yes, that’s right. YOU have a say. For the first time, they’re opening it to a public vote.

    Honestly, we’ve been pretty disappointed by the choices in the past. (I mean, vax? A 16-page language reportYouthquake??) As lovers of language, we are done sitting on the sidelines, and if you have felt similarly let down, we urge you to use your voice today.

    The contenders for 2022 are: metaverse, #IStandWith, and Goblin mode.

    “Metaverse” is supposedly representative of our “conceptual future.” But haven’t the tech bros won enough in this life?

    “#IStandWith” made the shortlist because it “recognizes the activism and division that has characterized this year.” Sure, but hashtags aren’t words. Plus, the last option is way more fun.

    “Goblin mode” is “the idea of rejecting societal expectations put upon us, in favor of doing whatever one wants to.” It’s total freedom! It’s being home alone! It’s Bartleby’s choice!

    There is clearly a superior word (or term) here, and that word (or term) is Goblin mode. Go vote, and then go do something weird.

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