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Walter Mosley is writing a new The Thing series for Marvel.

Jessie Gaynor

August 19, 2021, 2:52pm

Another acclaimed novelist is getting into the Marvel business. Like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Benjamin Percy before him, Walter Mosley, who is primarily known for his mystery and crime fiction but who has written across multiple genres, including science fiction and erotic, is expanding his reach into the Marvel Universe. His six-issue series featuring The Thing will debut this November.

Last year, in an interview on this very website, Mosley mentioned his long-time love for early issues of the Fantastic Four, so this seems like a win for everyone involved.

From Marvel’s announcement:

The story will range from the urban sprawl of the alleys of Manhattan to the furthest reaches of the cosmos itself. In THE THING, a lonely evening and a chance encounter (or is it?) sends Ben Grimm embarking on a sojourn that will have him confronting—and battling—figures both old and new.

Hey, if the Expanded Marvel Universe will eventually devour us all, at least it’ll include some good writing.

[via Marvel]

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