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There’s a trailer for Netflix’s new Jane Austen adaptation . . . and the internet haaaaates it.

Emily Temple

June 15, 2022, 8:39am

There’s a brand new Jane Austen trailer in town (must be Tuesday). This time, it’s an adaptation of Persuasion, Austen’s final novel, starring Dakota Johnson and slated to appear on Netflix on July 15. Vogue calls it a “stylish, subversive new take on Jane Austen” and EW describes it as “cheekily modern.” And they’re not wrong! Like many Austen adaptations of late, the trailer is punchy and bright and swoony—with Johnson’s Anne Elliot breaking the fourth wall to smile wryly at the audience. Sure, fine. We’ve all seen Emma. Also Fleabag and what have you. The only problem is . . . all that wink and whimsy is assuredly not the vibe of Persuasion. As the Jane Austen fans of the internet were quick to point out.

Watch the trailer yourself and let us know what you think:

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