The First Graphic Novel About the War in Iraq by a Veteran

Maximilian Uriarte's The White Donkey explores the experience of PTSD

April 18, 2016  By Maximilian Uriarte

The following is from The White Donkey: Terminal Lance

White Donkey_LitHub excerptWhite Donkey_LitHub excerpt 2White Donkey_LitHub excerpt 3White Donkey_LitHub excerpt 4White Donkey_LitHub excerpt 5

From The White Donkey: Terminal Lance. Used with Permission of Little, Brown and Company. Copyright © 2016 by Maximilian Uriarte.

Maximilian Uriarte
Maximilian Uriarte
Infantry Marine and Iraq veteran Maximilian Uriarte is the creator of the hit comic strip "Terminal Lance." Uriarte enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2006 at the age of 19 and served for four years. During his first deployment to Iraq in 2007 he served as an MRAP turret gunner and dismount of India Company's "Jump" platoon in the Zaidon region southeast of Fallujah. He deployed to Iraq again in 2009 as a billeted Combat Photographer and Combat Artist, then enrolling in California College of the Arts. In 2010 Uriarte created the popular comic strip "Terminal Lance" while still on active duty. The strip is now published in The Marine Corps Times.

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