Inside the Great Bookstores of Paris

From a Canadian-Owned Labyrinth to an All-Jules Verne Store

The following are selections from Nichole Robertson’s photographic tour of literary Paris. Click to enlarge and view the slideshow.


“Paris is a veritable ocean. Take as many soundings as you like, you’ll never know the depths. Explore it and describe it with as much care as you like, but no matter how numerous the explorers of its waters, there will always remain unknown caves, flowers, pearls, monsters, something yet unheard of, left behind by the literary divers.”
–Honoré de Balzac

“We believe that books, instead of rotting behind an iron gate, far from curious eyes, are destined to wear out before the eyes of readers.”
–Jules Verne




Excerpted from Literary Paris: A Photographic TourUsed with permission of Chronicle Books. Copyright © 2019 by Nichole Robertson.

Nichole Robertson
Nichole Robertson
Nichole Robertson is the author of Paris in Color and Paris in Love. She is the cofounder of the creative studio Obvious State.

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