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    Here is a great resource for what you can do in the fight for abortion rights in all 50 states.

    Jonny Diamond

    May 3, 2022, 9:23am

    A Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked last night in which Justice Samuel Alito lays out the court’s pending decision to overturn Roe v. Wade; should this ruling come to pass it would represent one of the largest roll-backs of personal freedom in the history of this country. If you care about an individual’s right to autonomy over their body (and, relatedly, the material circumstances of their own life), there is much you can do (on top of voting, because, you know, we already did that).

    Twitter user “Helmsinki,” aka the “abortion donation link fairy,” has created an incredible public document that provides clear and thorough information about how you might help in the fight for abortion access and reproductive choice in all 50 states. The document—put together as a series of templates to amplify on social media—contains information for people seeking an abortion and who might need to travel to obtain one, and suggests organizations where you can give financial support to people fighting for reproductive rights. Perhaps most importantly, the document contains state-by-state links to organizations working on the ground to preserve some small amount of bodily autonomy for people in this country.

    Millions of lives have just been put at risk. So if you’re able, please donate your money or volunteer your time to help the people in your community, both locally and across this country.


    Here are some further readings on how we got here, and what we might do.

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