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Help unemployed booksellers, shop here: The Bookstore at the End of the World

Jonny Diamond

March 25, 2020, 11:14am

We’ve already brought your attention to the ways you can help bookstores (and bookstore workers) during the coronavirus pandemic, and here’s another one: a collective of recently laid-off booksellers has started an online storefront at (in case you missed it, Bookshop is the new online book-shopping alternative to Amazon—it’s in the name, people.)

According to a press release, The Bookstore at the End of the World is where “you’ll find the collective expertise and collected enthusiasm of booksellers from some of the best shops in NYC—from McNally Jackson, WORD, the Strand, Book Culture, and (soon) more. […] We’re unemployed and open for business.”

This is but one of hundreds of examples of people organizing on the fly, to help each other out, and represents the kind of hopeful energy we’ll all need to take with us into the years to come after this crisis.

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