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Do you even love books if you haven’t collected all of these independent bookseller cards?

Jonny Diamond

January 21, 2020, 8:40am

Canadian independent publisher (and bookstore!) Biblioasis has printed up a limited run of indie bookseller trading cards, featuring heroic comic book portraits of prominent booksellers. Why? Well, for starters, this week is the annual independent booksellers conference in Baltimore, the ABA’s Winter Institute, at which thousands of bookstore people drink too much, swap tales of terrible customers, unattended events, beloved overlooked books by dead Hungarians, and the perfidious incompetence of corporate publishing. (I’m very sad to be missing this year’s event, as it’s always been my favorite book-related conference.)

If you happen to be there, please try to snag a set of these cards, which feature the likes of such booksellers as Point Reyes’ Stephen Sparks (looking like an off-duty X Man), Interabang’s Lori Feathers, and Porter Square’s Josh Cook.

(H/T Shelf Awareness.)

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