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    Behold, the cover for André Aciman’s sequel to Call Me By Your Name

    Emily Temple

    May 3, 2019, 2:43pm

    Today, FSG shared the cover from André Aciman’s forthcoming Find Me, the sequel to his beloved Call Me By Your Name,” which was designed by Rodrigo Corral.

    Of the cover, Aciman said: “The colors of the buildings couldn’t have been more intensely Roman or captured the sensual Rome I’ve known and love so much: ochre, faded orange, and, in the background, a serene blue sky. If you look carefully, the street sign reads “Via dei Banchi Vecchi”—a street where Elio and his father order wine in what is my favorite enoteca in the world. My heart belongs in this image. I also love the font: it is dynamic, bold, unloosened, and so Mediterranean—it captures, as did the film, the free, undying spirit of Call Me by Your Name.”

    It’s true that the cover is lovely! But my official position is still that Call Me By Your Name is perfect (and so is the film adaptation), and sequels are always tricky, and therefore it should technically be left alone. Which is not to say I won’t be reading…

    Find Me Andre Aciman

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