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And now there’s a Sally Rooney mural.

Emily Temple

September 9, 2021, 8:58am

Books. Tote bags. Pencils. T-shirts. Bucket hats. Coffee trucks. Pop-up shops. And now, murals. Because why not?

As The Bookseller reports, the aforementioned Sally Rooney pop-up shop, which opens tomorrow, will be accessed through a newly unveiled Sally Rooney pop-up mural, featuring yet another riff on Manshen Lo’s cover art, and complete with what appears to be almost life-size Sally Rooney fans already lurking in the blue expanse.

I hope that somewhere in the Sally Rooney pop-up shop, there are windows, though it doesn’t look like it from here. But maybe that’s actually more fitting. Not like you’d want be able to look out at the beautiful world, or anything.

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