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    9 new books to look forward to today.

    Katie Yee

    December 14, 2021, 10:10am

    Sure, we’re getting to that time of year when the early sunsets feel like an uninvited guest that will never leave, but you know what else is happening? Books. Books are still bursting into the world, every week! Calm your Tuesday Blues with these new books.


    It's Getting Dark

    Peter Stamm, tr. Michael Hofmann, It’s Getting Dark
    (Other Press)

    “As with the flat telling of fairy tales, on the smooth surfaces of Stamm’s stories we slip easily from ordinary to strange, distinctions elided.”
    –Star Tribune


    Saad Z. Hossain, Cyber Mage
    (Unnamed Press)

    “[A] giddy new novel, another inventive blend of mythology and cyberpunk gizmology.”
    –Publishers Weekly

    The Fortune Men

    Nadifa Mohamed, The Fortune Men

    The Fortune Men can be read as a comment on 21st-century Britain and its continued troubled legacy of empire, but also as a beautifully judged fiction in its own right–teeming with life, character and humour, and, particularly, evocative of place.”
    –Financial Times

    George Sprott_Seth

    Seth, George Sprott: (1894-1975) 
    (Drawn & Quarterly)

    “First serialized in the New York Times Magazine , this exquisite extended version of the life of fictional Canadian TV personality George Sprott only adds to Seth’s place as one of the form’s masters.”
    –Publishers Weekly

    a different distance

    Marilyn Hacker and Karthika Naïr, A Different Distance

    “Hacker and Naïr bring wisdom and empathy to a challenging historical moment in these rich and thoughtful pages.”
    –Publishers Weekly

    Tom Bissell, Creative Types: and Other Stories

    Tom Bissell, Creative Types

    “This buzzing collection brings together seven stories that showcase [Bissell’s] gift for energetic storytelling, each tale imbued with humor and relevant cultural references.”

    Emily Willingham, The Tailored Brain
    (Basic Books)

    “…effectively punches holes in unproven practices.”
    –Publishers Weekly

    Myth of Closure

    Pauline Boss, The Myth of Closure
    (W. W. Norton)

    “[An] inspired and much needed framework for living through the pandemic.”
    –Coalition News


    ed. by Sarah Soanirina Ohmer, Tanya Saunders, Luciane Ramos-Silva, WSQ: Solidão
    (Feminist Press)

    “Solidão is a concept from Black Brazilian Gender Studies that does not have a US Black feminist or queer of color equivalent, nor does it translate into a single word in the English language. It describes shared isolation as an affective relational phenomenon with meanings as multiple as there are Black women.”
    –Feminist Press