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20 new books to get you through the week.

Katie Yee

October 11, 2022, 4:34am

It is a very Monday-ish Tuesday, but at least that means there are only—count ’em—four days left in the work week and all these new books to fawn over.


Lydia Millet, Dinosaurs

Lydia Millet, Dinosaurs
(W. W. Norton)

“There is something new and unusual about Dinosaurs ... The novel is conscious of intractable global crises yet it focuses on local problems that can be confronted and overcome in honorable ways.”
–The Wall Street Journal

Louise Glück, Marigold and Rose: A Fiction

Louise Glück, Marigold and Rose: A Fiction

“Poet Glück (Winter Recipes from the Collective), a Nobel Prize winner, makes her fiction debut with a quirky story of the inner lives of infant twins.”
–Publishers Weekly

Leonard Cohen, A Ballet of Lepers: A Novel and Stories

Leonard Cohen, A Ballet of Lepers
(Grove Press)

“The novel is stirring in its almost mythological simplicity, compelling in its portrait of deranged rapture, intelligently attuned to the seductions and self-delusions of false transcendence.”
–The New York Times Book Review

Alan Moore, Illuminations: Stories

Alan Moore, Illuminations

“Moore’s prose is rich and complicated … Once you slip into the rhythm of it, it is also poetic, insightful, and beautiful.”
–Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

temple grandin_visual thinking

Temple Grandin, Visual Thinking

“An exploration of the richness of neurodiversity … A thoughtful examination of how minds work.”

morgenthau_andrew meier

Andrew Meier, Morgenthau
(Random House)

“A majestic, authoritative multigenerational saga.”

The Essential Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory, The Essential Dick Gregory

“Sharp, funny, and often inspiring, this is a must-read for Gregory’s fans, and a perfect entry point for the uninitiated.”
–Publishers Weekly

nerd_maya phillips

Maya Phillips, Nerd

“With humor and exacting criticism, Phillips serves up food for thought—a whole meal, really—for anyone who’s ever struggled to see themselves as the hero.”

the hollow kind

Andy Davidson, The Hollow Kind

“A harrowing novel that’s sure to please fans of gothic horror.”
–Publishers Weekly

Peter Orner, Still No Word from You: Notes in the Margin

Peter Orner, Still No Word from You

“Orner—a legitimate triple-threat: novelist, short story master, and prolific essayist—returns with an addictive collection of more than 100 buoyant essays organized around a single day and a wide range of emotions.”

my people_charlayne hunter-gault

Charlayne Hunter-Gault, My People

“A wonderful showcase of the work of an invaluable 20th-century journalist.”

andrew miller_the slowworms' song

Andrew Miller, The Slowworm’s Song

“Miller’s ninth novel revisits the theme, and it’s handled in a way that is bolder and more exquisitely menacing than anything he’s done before.”
–The Guardian

Vanessa A. Bee, Home Bound
(Astra House)

“A rich and enthralling story of finding oneself outside of the bounds of borders and beliefs. This offers radiant hope in the face of darkness.”
–Publishers Weekly

rest is resistance

Tricia Hersey, Rest Is Resistance
(Little, Brown)

“Grounding her debut book in Black liberation theology, abolitionist traditions and Afrofuturism, Hersey provides a blueprint for rejecting the demands of modern capitalism in favor of our collective health and social progress.”

Nora McInerny, Bad Vibes Only (And Other Things I Bring to the Table)

“There may be no nuance on the Internet, but there’s plenty in these 19 funny, bittersweet essays.”
–Shelf Awareness

dying of politeness

Geena Davis, Dying of Politeness

“An entertaining and ebullient memoir.”

ed pavlic_call it in the air

Ed Pavlic, Call It in the Air
(Milkweed Editions)

“Pavlić offers a vulnerable, visceral portrait of life and grief.”
–Publishers Weekly

the impatient

Djaili Amadou Amal, tr. Emma Ramadan, The Impatient

“Djaili Amadou Amal is a storyteller who, while letting the voice of her characters arise, makes hers heard just as much, in a subtle whisper.”
–Le Point

the symmetry of fish_su cho

Su Cho, The Symmetry of Fish

“All hits no skips. I was incredibly moved by these poems.”
–Roxane Gay

love and vermin

Will McPhail, Love & Vermin

“McPhail’s delicately lined graphite drawings, neatly squared into comics-y frames, are playful yet full of depth.”

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