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20 brand-new books hitting shelves today.

Katie Yee

April 28, 2020, 9:57am

The days in quarantine would all blend together if it weren’t for Tuesday, which is the day new books hit the (now metaphorical) shelves. Here are a few of the titles dropping today. You can get them from your local indie and/or Bookshop (which, by the way, has now raised over one million dollars for independent bookstores!). Happy reading.


swimming in the dark

Tomasz Jedrowski, Swimming in the Dark
(William Morrow)

“Dazzling . . . Readers will relish the indelible prose.”
–Publishers Weekly

Under the Red White and Blue_Greil Marcus

Greil Marcus, Under the Red White and Blue
(Yale University Press)

“Astute, challenging, and far-reaching.”

No Man's Land_Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore, No Man’s Land
(Basic Books)

“Moore narrates with verve and precision.”
–Publishers Weekly

Blake Gopnik, Warhol

Blake Gopnik, Warhol 

“An epic cradle-to-grave biography of the king of pop art.”

Our Riches_Kaouther Adimi

Kaouther Adimi, trans. by Chris Andrews, Our Riches 
(New Directions)

“Adimi’s writing creates an agile prose which, in translation, provides a faithful voice to characters who are losing their bearings in uncertain times.”

Little Family_Ishmael Beah

Ishmael Beah, Little Family

“Beah portrays his characters with exquisite tenderness, imbuing them with a grace that belies their wretched situation.”
–Library Journal

the sweeney sisters

Lian Dolen, The Sweeney Sisters
(William Morrow)

“A warmhearted portrait of love embracing true hearts.”

Rufi Thorpe, The Knockout Queen

Rufi Thorpe, The Knockout Queen 

“Thorpe comes back swinging with her best novel yet … a moody and mordantly funny contemplation of the rigors of growing up that will leave readers reeling.”

Liberation_Imogen Kealey

Imogen Kealey, Liberation 
(Grand Central)

“…an exciting and super cinema-ready WWII thriller.

Sea Wife_Amity Gaige

Amity Gaige, Sea Wife 

“Gripping… A powerful take on a marriage on the rocks.”

Together_Vivek Murthy

Vivek H. Murthy, Together 
(Harper Wave)

“This book is a welcome tonic for an increasingly divided country.”

Sara Sligar, Take Me Apart 

“A raw and sophisticated debut.”

this is all i got_lauren sandler

Lauren Sandler, This Is All I Got 
(Random House)

“Readers will be moved by this harrowing and impassioned call for change.”
–Publishers Weekly

how to feed a dictator_witold szablowski

Witold Szabłowski, tr. by Antonia Lloyd-Jones, How To Feed a Dictator 
(Penguin Books)

“Fascinating . . . A new perspective on horrible people.”

Inge's War_Svenja O'Donnell

Svenja O’Donnell, Inge’s War 

“Vivid and meticulously researched.”
–Publishers Weekly

the end of october_lawrence wright

Lawrence Wright, The End of October 

“A disturbing, eerily timed novel.”

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