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20 new books publishing today, day 723 at home.

Katie Yee

May 5, 2020, 9:27am

The future may be uncertain, but one thing we can always count on is the bunch of new books that come into the world every Tuesday. Welcome, friends.


Emma Straub, All Adults Here

Emma Straub, All Adults Here 

Straub cements her status as a master of the domestic ensemble drama.”


Telephone_Percival Everett

Percival Everett, Telephone 

“A spellbinding, heartbreaking tale.”
Publishers Weekly


Samanta Schweblin, tr. Megan McDowell, Little Eyes

Samanta Schweblin, Little Eyes 

“Ingenious … what’s most impressive is the way she foregrounds her characters’ inner hopes and fears.”
The Guardian (UK)

Friend_Paek Nam-Nyong

Paek Nam-Nyong, tr. by Immanuel Kim, Friend 
(Columbia University Press)

“A rare glimpse into an insular world.”


Amy Jo Burns, Shiner 

“This memorable first novel is exceptional in its power and imagination.”

Eimear McBride, Strange Hotel

Eimear McBride, Strange Hotel 

“A load-bearing beam of a book carrying a whole mansion (or possibly hotel) of meaning.”
The Guardian (UK)

María Fernanda Ampuero, Cockfight

María Fernanda Ampuero, tr. by Frances Riddle, Cockfight 
(Feminist Press)

“Ampuero leads the international wave of Ecuadorian writers.”
The New York Times

Jennifer Weiner, Big Summer

Jennifer Weiner, Big Summer 

It’s the beach read to end all beach reads.”
Entertainment Weekly

Resistance_Tori Amos

Tori Amos, Resistance 

Thoughtful . . . [Resistance] will sing to anyone with an artistic soul.”

François Clemmons, Officer Clemmons 

“Clemmons’s thoroughly delightful, inspiring story will speak particularly to artists in marginalized communities.”
Publishers Weekly

Anne Raeff, Only the River 

“A haunting, intricately layered novel.”

figure it out_wayne koestenbaum

Wayne Koestenbaum, Figure It Out 
(Soft Skull)

“The quality of Koestenbaum’s attention and his ability to delight and surprise is unmatched by any writers I have read.”
The Rumpus

Anna Solomon, The Book of V.

Anna Solomon, The Book of V. 
(Henry Holt)

“A bold, fertile work lit by powerful images.”

Kathryn Harkup, Death by Shakespeare 

“A fascinating, thorough examination and scientific analysis of notable deaths that pervade the stage works of William Shakespeare.”
Shelf Awareness

James Gardner, The Louvre 
(Atlantic Monthly)

“A richly detailed journey through a palimpsest of the past.”

who ate the first oyster_cody cassidy

Cody Cassidy, Who Ate the First Oyster? 
(Penguin Books)

“Cassidy humanizes prehistory with wit and a firm grasp of the science behind these anthropological case studies.”
Publishers Weekly

Clare Carlisle, Philosopher of the Heart 

“A perceptive portrait of an enigmatic thinker.”

Laura Lam, Goldilocks 

“If you’ve been looking for your next favorite science fiction novel, this is it.”
Book Riot

Natasha Gregson Wagner, More Than Love 

“Vivid and heartbreaking… fascinating… [a] personal account that fans of old Hollywood will savor.”

Susan Berfield, The Hour of Fate 

“An engaging historical work involving truly larger-than-life American characters.”

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