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20 brand new books to pick up today.

Katie Yee

September 8, 2020, 11:29am

And somehow the long weekend is over! I hope this blog post finds you relaxed, well-rested, and ready to read. This week, we’ve got new books from Sigrid Nunez, Claudia Rankine, Ruth Ware, Ross Gay, Jane Fonda, and much, much more to look forward to.


Sigrid Nunez, What Are You Going Through

Sigrid Nunez, What Are You Going Through

“It takes something more than intelligence to be able to write intelligently … Whatever it is, Sigrid Nunez has it.”
–The New York Times


Claudia Rankine, Just Us

Claudia Rankine, Just Us

“Employing her signature collagelike approach, she avoids polemics, instead earnestly speculating about the possibility of interracial understanding … In Just Us, Rankine the poet becomes an anthropologist.”
–The Atlanic


Ruth Ware, One By One

Ruth Ware, One By One
(Gallery/Scout Press)

“This one is especially timely, given that the terror of isolation is at its heart.”


What Can I Do_Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, What Can I Do?
(Penguin Press)

“This is a useful and appealing primer on environmental activism.”
–Publishers Weekly


Lucille Clifton, ed. Aracelis Girmay, How to Carry Water: Selected Poems

Lucille Clifton, How to Carry Water
(BOA Editions)

“Each poem is always its own world.”
–The New York Times


Marie Ndiaye, tr. Jordan Stump, That Time of Year

Marie Ndiaye, tr. Jordan Stump, That Time of Year
(Two Lines)

“NDiaye is writing a literature both innovative and incredible.”
–The New Republic


Mary Cappello, Lecture

“After reading this eloquent book, anyone will agree that, even with the ever-increasing rise of student-directed learning and online education, the lecture is not archaic, but rather waiting for a vital new mode.”
–Publishers Weekly


Sulaiman Addonia, Silence Is My Mother Tongue

Sulaiman Addonia, Silence Is My Mother Tongue

“A memorable chronicle about ‘the bitterness of exile’ and the endurance of the spirit.”


Tatiana Ryckman, The Ancestry of Objects

Tatiana Ryckman, The Ancestry of Objects
(Deep Vellum)

“Readers of lyrical, genre-bending fiction will be spellbound.”
–Publishers Weekly


Ross Gay, Be Holding: A Poem

Ross Gay, Be Holding
(University of Pittsburgh Press)

“This extraordinary book offers an unforgettable flight from the conventional boundaries of the sentence.”
–Publishers Weekly


Sue Miller, Monogamy

Sue Miller, Monogamy

“A salute to Sue Miller for diving into the domestic dramas that play out in many an American family.”
–Minneapolis Star Tribune


M. O. Walsh_the big door prize

M. O. Walsh, The Big Door Prize
(G. P. Putnam’s Sons)

“More than solving societal ills, The Big Door Prize calls attention to the ordinary, hard-won joys of real people.”


Dear Ann_Bobbie Ann Mason

Bobbie Ann Mason, Dear Ann

“A writer of power and sympathy, insight and great love for her characters.”


self-portrait with russian piano_wolf wondratschek

Wolf Wondratschek, tr. Marshall Yarbrough, Self-Portrait with Russian Piano

“Wondratschek’s deeply felt meditation on the joys and sorrows of a life in music delivers the goods.”
–Publishers Weekly


worked over_jamie k mccallum

Jamie K. McCallum, Worked Over
(Basic Books)

“A sobering analysis of quasi-Orwellian tactics that permeate American work life.”


Stephen Hawking_Leonard Mlodinow

Leonard Mlodinow, Stephen Hawking

“An illuminating portrait of perseverance and determination. A valuable account of an extraordinary man.”


Daniel Mendelsohn, Three Rings: A Tale of Exile, Narrative and Fate

Daniel Mendelsohn, Three Rings
(University of Virginia Press)

“Bringing together memoir, history, and literary analysis, critic Mendelsohn delivers a fine study of digression, exile, and circularity.”
–Publishers Weekly


the invention of sound_chuck palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk, The Invention of Sound
(Grand Central Publishing)

“One of the most feverish imaginations in American letters.”
–The Washington Post


a user's guide to democracy_nic capodice and hannah mccarthy

Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy, A User’s Guide to Democracy
(Celadon Books)

“[An] informative and appealing civics lesson for first-time voters and old hands alike.”
–Publishers Weekly


selected works of audre lorde

Audre Lorde, ed. Roxane Gay, The Selected Works of Audre Lorde
(W. W. Norton)

“An essential anthology that challenges our 21st-century social and political consciousness.”

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