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15 new books to love this week.

Katie Yee

February 15, 2022, 8:45am

You know what a really good activity for February 15th is? Going to the closest CVS, getting your hands on all the discount Valentine’s Day chocolate there is, and then hopping over to your favorite bookstore to pick up a new book (or two or three).


marlon james moon witch spider king

Marlon James, Moon Witch, Spider King

“[An] impressive amalgamation of folklore, magic, and mythology that weaves together several narratives, but the element that makes it memorable is James’s prose.”
–The Boston Globe

Pure Colour

Sheila Heti, Pure Colour

“Part of Heti’s charm is her knack for coming from as far out of left field as possible, and here she has amped up her unpredictability … This is a gloriously implausible book.”
–The Atlantic

Sasha Fletcher, Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World

Sasha Fletcher, Be Here To Love Me at the End of the World
(Melville House)

“[A] surreal, heightened version of reality … Strange and glib, this is a Lynchian love story that captures the relentless ridiculousness of the contemporary moment.”

pyre_perumal murugan

Perumal Murugan, tr. Aniruddhan Vasudevan, Pyre
(Grove Press)

“This is Murugan’s rich Kongu land, which he has mined so deeply and well. It’s a barren, sun-scorched and unforgiving land but it comes blazingly alive in the writer’s eloquent voice.”
–The Hindu

Dennis Duncan, Index, A History of the: A Bookish Adventure from Medieval Manuscripts to the Digital Age

Dennis Duncan, Index: A History of the
(W. W. Norton)

“Always erudite, frequently funny, and often surprising—a treat for lovers of the book qua book.”

the boy with a bird in his chest_emme lund

Emme Lund, The Boy with a Bird in His Chest

“Lund’s accomplished debut imagines an LGBTQ allegory with a blend of magical fantasy and stark reality.”
–Publishers Weekly

david robson_the expectation effect

David Robson, The Expectation Effect
(Henry Holt)

“Cutting-edge research and effective storytelling create an insightful book on an ever changing field.”

karen cheung_the impossible city

Karen Cheung, The Impossible City: A Hong Kong Memoir
(Random House)

” This is an outstanding contribution for any library about one personal experience of political upheaval in Hong Kong.”
–Library Journal

Alejandro Zambra, tr. Megan McDowell, Chilean Poet

Alejandro Zambra, tr. Megan McDowell, Chilean Poet

“A playful, discursive novel about families, relationships, poetry, and how easily all three can come together or fall apart.”

Hans von Trotha_Pollak's Arm

Hans Von Trotha, tr. Elisabeth Lauffer, Pollak’s Arm
(New Vessel Press)

“He achieves much in this slim book, capturing a life enriched by its commitment to art and antiquities and a man who makes an unusual decision when faced with a crucial choice. A work that weaves art and history into a fascinating tale.”

heiresses_laura thompson

Laura Thompson, Heiresses
(St. Martin’s Press)

“Thompson, a gifted storyteller, obviously delighted in the writing of this book … She is also deft: historical facts and dates and laws are woven into a kaleidoscope-bright tableaux of human highs and lows.”
–The Times Literary Supplement

Paul Tran, All the Flowers Kneeling
(Penguin Books)

“These searingly honest, beautifully told depictions of survival and self-love will move and challenge readers.”
–Publishers Weekly

the selfless act of breathing_jj bola

JJ Bola, The Selfless Act of Breathing

“The novel’s conceptual concern with the limited routes available for black people to find meaningful release from systemic racism is, without question, important and emotive.”
–The Guardian

James Curtis, Buster Keaton: A Filmmaker’s Life

James Curtis, Buster Keaton: A Filmmaker’s Life

“Meticulous research informs a brisk biography of an entertainment icon.”

Danielle J. Lindemann, True Story: What Reality TV Says About Us

Danielle J. Lindemann, True Story: What Reality TV Says about Us

“For reality TV fans looking for high-minded, scholarly reasons to defend what many consider ‘guilty pleasure’ viewing, here is a book filled with them.”

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