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14 new titles to check out this week.

Katie Yee

September 29, 2020, 9:30am

When we were in school, Tuesdays were, arguably, the best weekday. The cafeteria likely nurtured your young, hopeful soul with Taco Tuesday. A crunchy shell, baked beans, hot sauce, melted cheese! And now, as adults who love to read, we have a continuation of that holy day with New Book Tuesday. A crunchy shell = a new hardcover. This week, we’ve got Marilynne Robinson’s return to Gilead, a new Nick Hornby novel, and—wait for it—a Mariah Carey memoir. Enjoy your literary tacos, friends.


Marilynne Robinson, Jack

Marilynne Robinson, Jack

“Striking too to read this novel in 2020, during a global pandemic and the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement: Robinson’s timeless prose, her Romeo and Juliet story, have an eerily timely ring.”
–Financial Times


K-Ming Chang, Bestiary

K-Ming Chang, Bestiary
(One World)

“The magic of these origin myths is very much present.”


Emily Gray Tedrowe, The Talented Miss Farwell

Emily Gray Tedrowe, The Talented Miss Farwell
(Custom House)

“The unusual plot and Tedrowe’s spirited execution of it make this one sing.”
–Publishers Weekly


Just Like You, Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby, Just Like You

“Along with the love affair, Hornby covers the issues of the day with snappy take-no-prisoners commentary.”
–The Boston Globe


the book of lamps and banners_elizabeth hand

Elizabeth Hand, The Book of Lamps and Banners
(Mulholland Books)

“Hand’s gifted portrayal of subcultures seamlessly links Cass’ past in New York’s ’80s punk scene, London’s rare-book dealers, and Odinist neo-Nazis.”


Bill Clegg, The End of the Days

Bill Clegg, The End of the Day
(Scout Press)

“As usual, Clegg’s prose is simple and graceful, his third-person character portraits precise, but his plotting, with its intricate, keen-minded twists give his writing the cumulative effect of poetic ambiguity and mystery.”
–The Boston Globe


the meaning of mariah carey

Mariah Carey, The Meaning of Mariah Carey
(Andy Cohen Books)

“If you think of the superstar diva’s career as a narrative that is cinematic in scope, this book is the director’s commentary.”
–Los Angeles Times


Glitch Feminism_Legacy Russell

Legacy Russell, Glitch Feminism

“Russell’s book is as expansive and plural as the identities it explores, considering art, aesthetic theory, queerness, Blackness and anti-Blackness and, necessarily, the modalities and futures of activist practice.”


daughters of yalta

Catherine Grace Katz, The Daughters of Yalta
(Houghton Mifflin)

“Skillfully written and meticulously researched, it’s an extraordinary work that reveals the human side underlying the politics.”
–The Wall Street Journal


abe_david s reynolds

David S. Reynolds, Abe
(Penguin Press)

” In effect, his biography becomes less a narrative of Lincoln’s life than an explanation of his genius. We come to understand fully why Lincoln did what he did, and why he did it when he did it.”
–The Wall Street Journal


Heather Martin_The Reacher Guy

Heather Martin, The Reacher Guy
(Pegasus Books)

“One of the more interesting strains of this book, though, is the extent to which both Lee Child and Jack Reacher are creations.”
–The Times


Peter Baker and Susan Glasser, The Man Who Ran Washington

Peter Baker and Susan Glasser, The Man Who Ran Washington

“The authors rightly highlight the dimensions of Baker’s illustrious career that show so much about what is broken in the current American political system.”
–The New York Times Book Review


Where Law Ends_Andrew Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann, Where Law Ends
(Random House)

“After years of silence from Mueller’s cloister, capped by a final report so dense with legal analysis that even Weissmann found it unsatisfying, Where Law Ends is a gift.”
–The Washington Post


Ruth Stone, Bianca Stone, ed., The Essential Ruth Stone

Ruth Stone, ed. Bianca Stone, The Essential Ruth Stone
(Copper Canyon Press)

“In this breathtaking distillation that draws from 10 collections and a nearly 60-year career, readers can see the literary evolution of the two-time Guggenheim Fellow and winner of the National Book Award in a new light.”
–Publishers Weekly

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