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12 new books to keep the quarantine blues at bay.

Katie Yee

May 26, 2020, 1:56pm

Back at the Literary Hub office, we would get a dozen donuts whenever we were feeling down, or had something to celebrate, or if we were just hungry. Basically, what I’m saying is: we were always eating donuts. I miss our local Donut Pub a lot. And while there’s no true substitute for that sugar high, I am similarly delighted when new books come into the world every Tuesday. I hope these dozen new books satisfy your hunger.


Ilana Masad, All My Mother's Lovers

Ilana Masad, All My Mother’s Lovers

“This remarkable portrait of a daughter’s opaque relationship with her mother reflects the strangeness and beauty of coming to see one’s parent fully as a human being.”
–Publishers Weekly


Anna Dorn, Vagablonde
(Unnamed Press)

“Dorn’s narrative is intoxicating, particularly in its depiction of the existential ennui that’s stemmed from our insatiable consumer culture.”


J.M. Coetzee, The Death of Jesus 

The Death of Jesus is a necessary read, casting a strange new light on one of the world’s greatest and most elusive novelists.”
–Financial Times


book of eels

Patrik Svensson, The Book of Eels 

“Nature-loving readers will be enthralled by [his] fascinating zoological odyssey.”
–Publishers Weekly


Elliot Ackerman, Red Dress in Black and White

“An attention-grabbing, cleverly plotted, character-driven yarn.”
–Library Journal


Meredith Talusan, Fairest

” The author examines queer otherness with relentless honesty, and she investigates how accidental whiteness did not automatically lead to the fairest outcomes, either for herself or others. A captivatingly eloquent memoir.”


Anthony P. Carnevale, The Merit Myth
(New Press)

“A vigorous argument against the entrenchment of elite interests in the nation’s higher-education system.”


love in the blitz

Eileen Alexander, Love in the Blitz

“[It] is a mass of aperçus, jokes, observations and confessions, offered up in a style whose default position is that of a preternaturally brilliant schoolgirl.”
–The Times Literary Supplement


michael connelly

Michael Connelly, Fair Warning
(Little, Brown)

The Night Fire offers more than a few incendiary surprises.”
–Los Angeles Times


Robert Dallek, How Did We Get Here?

“Informed and passionate words to bring cheers from Never Trumpers.”


Aya Gruber, The Feminist War on Crime
(University of California Press)

“Gruber’s depth of knowledge, suppleness of mind, and unparalleled vibrancy are on full display in this important and ambitious book, which spotlights the role of feminist debates in the complicated politics of mass incarceration.”
–Jeannie Suk Gersen, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School


east coast girls_kerry kletter

Kerry Kletter, East Coast Girls
(Mira Books)

“This is tailor-made for book clubs, and for those looking for character-driven plots with a female ensemble.”
–Library Journal

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