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12 new books to get from your local bookstore today.

Katie Yee

November 24, 2020, 7:39am

In the mood for a little holiday shopping? You know what they say: November is the new December! Who says that? Independent bookstores that need your support now! So here are a dozen new books hitting shelves today. Go forth!


Ernest Cline, Ready Player Two

Ernest Cline, Ready Player Two

“This sequel, nine years in the making, has been kept tightly under wraps, but it’s bound to be as full of nerdy pop-culture Easter eggs as the first.”
–USA Today

Robert Macfarlane and Dan Richards, Ghostways: Two Journeys in Unquiet Places

Robert Macfarlane, Stanley Donwood, and Dan Richards, Ghostways
(W. W. Norton)

“Contemplative, impressionistic and suffused with aspects of the mythic, these pieces operate at times like prose poems.”
–The Los Angeles Times

the thirty names of night_zeyn joukhadar

Zeyn Joukhadar, The Thirty Names of Night

“Exceptionally beautiful writing is the hallmark of this well-crafted novel about Syrian immigrants in New York City.”
–Library Journal

operation moonglow_teasel muir-harmony

Teasel Muir-Harmony, Operation Moonglow
(Basic Books)

“Anyone interested in the early days of space exploration will be drawn to this fast-paced, accessible book.”
–Library Journal

the recognitions_william gaddis

William Gaddis, The Recognitions
(New York Review of Books)

“The book’s themes and its fierce indictment of the modern world may seem conventional by now, but Gaddis’s treatment of them is so dazzlingly original that one never has the sense of mere recapitulation of received ideas.”
–The New York Times Book Review

The Last Days of Ellis Island_Gaelle Josse

Gaëlle Josse, tr. Natasha Lehrer, The Last Days of Ellis Island
(World Editions)

“In the tale of this fictional bureaucrat, Josse powerfully evokes the spirit of the ‘huddled masses’ who landed on America’s shores while creating a memorable portrait of a man torn between his commitment to his difficult job and the longings of his heart.”

memory rose into threshold speech_paul celan

Paul Celan, tr. Pierre Joris, Memory Rose Into Threshold Speech

“This admirable translation presents the early work of an eminent German language postwar poet to a new audience.”
–Publishers Weekly

donna hill_confessions in b-flat

Donna Hill, Confessions in B-Flat
(Sideways Books)

“A captivating and skillfully constructed weaving of history and romantic drama.”

castle faggot_derek mccormack

Derek McCormack, Castle Faggot

Castle Faggot is an experience—its own biosphere, its own zip code.”

john harris_the last slave ships

John Harris, The Last Slave Ships
(Yale University Press)

“Highly recommended for U.S. Middle Period, African American, and Civil War historians, and for all general readers.”
–Library Journal

stuff you should know

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, Stuff You Should Know

“Two popular podcasters opine on topics skewed—intentionally or not—toward real or stereotypical masculine interests, such as cars, guns, and military derring-do.”

The Last American Aristocrat: The Brilliant Life and Improbable Education of Henry Adams by David S. Brown

David S. Brown, The Last American Aristocrat

“[A] thoroughly researched and gracefully written biography.”
–The Wall Street Journal

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