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10 new books you’ll want to read right now.

Katie Yee

July 20, 2021, 4:53am

Another Tuesday, another pile of books we can’t wait to get our hands on. What’re you waiting for?! Drop everything, and head on over to your local indie. On your (book)mark, get set, read!


Katie Kitamura, Intimacies

Katie Kitamura, Intimacies

“…cooly written and casts a spell … Few novelists write so astringently about how we misread people, and are forced to refresh, as if on a web browser, our assumptions about them.”
–The New York Times

Hermione Hoby, Virtue

Hermione Hoby, Virtue

“Hoby’s writing sparks with inventiveness … and she offers insights on the damage of power imbalances in relationships.”
–Publishers Weekly

Rachel Yoder, Nightbitch

Rachel Yoder, Nightbitch

“…what makes Nightbitch stand apart from the usual early motherhood stories, teeth and all, is that Yoder doesn’t focus on how hard being a new mom is, nor does she romanticize the experience. Instead, by blending the real and the surreal, Yoder shows a woman following her primal instincts and becoming her own person — or dog, I should say — outside of cultural norms.”
–The Seattle Times

Eto Mori_Colorful

Eto Mori, Colorful

“Naoki Prize winner Mori tackles a fraught topic with empathy, humor, and grace. The soul’s wry narration keeps the tone light while the simple yet powerful plot beautifully illustrates the impact that perspective can have on one’s mental health.”

Omar el Akkad, What Strange Paradise

Omar El Akkad, What Strange Paradise

What Strange Paradise succeeds at what one senses might be El Akkad’s goal—to deepen our engagement with the world around us and with others’ stories.”
–Toronto Star

ivory shoals

John Brandon, Ivory Shoals

“…exuberantly narrated … Brandon emphasizes period-specific detail and revels in old-timey turns of phrase, conjuring a lost world of rough camps, gunpowder coffee, and pouches of leaf tobacco.”

Pedro Mairal_The Woman From Uruguay

Pedro Mairal, tr. Jennifer Croft, The Woman from Uruguay

“Into this brief novel, Mairal fits the humor and pain of being human, especially male, fully on display … a luminous and witty work of literary fiction.”


Akash Kapur, Better to Have Gone

“…extraordinary … a riveting account of human aspiration and folly taken to extremes.”
–The Boston Globe

The Devil You Know_Gwen Adshead and Eileen Horne

Gwen Adshead and Eileen Horne, The Devil You Know

“Adshead’s warm intelligence, curiosity and nuanced understanding of her work inspire trust in what turns out to be an unmissable book.”
–The Guardian

Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley, Until Proven Safe

Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley, Until Proven Safe

“A captivating survey of the uses and abuses of quarantines … Journalists Manaugh and Twilley meld a global view of a timely subject with vividly detailed accounts of quarantines.”

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