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Your Francophile kids will want to read the winners of the Prix Albertine Jeunesse.

Katie Yee

July 8, 2020, 12:56pm

The Prix Albertine Jeunesse is a prize chosen for children, by children—that is, a reader’s choice award in which people between the ages of three and fourteen vote on their favorite book from a selection of Francophone literature. This award aims to facilitate a cultural exchange as well as encourage a love of learning languages and reading works in translation.

This year’s theme is “growing up,” and the winners are below. Allons-y


AGES 3-5

Orianne Lallemand and Eleanore Thuillier, The Wolf Who Learned Self-Control (Le Loup qui Apprivoisait Ses Emotions)


AGES 6-8

Coralie Saudo and Kris Di Giacomo, My Dad at the Zoo (Mon Papa au Zoo)


AGES 9-11

Loïc Dauvillier and Marc Lizano, Hidden (L’enfent Cachée)


AGES 12-14

Tom Haugomat, Through A Life (À travers)


Vouloir plus? (Want more?) Read the shortlist.


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