Wood, a Poem

New Work by Alan Felsenthal

April 26, 2017  By Alan Felsenthal



We enter a wood.
What is the dark—waves?


Warning? The time light
tilts its leaves?


The dark wishes for all
brightness to be equal, absently.


Bondable to rays of dark,
sodden and lost, dreamers


shear the shadows of hopes.
Invite instead the arcane dawn. Hello.


Invent past light. The woods
wink and it’s day. We


wink, ancestors blushed. Offer
them a denser nest. They ate scorn. Offer


tenderness, whistle
wages of sorrow. Woodwind.

Alan Felsenthal
Alan Felsenthal
Alan Felsenthal runs a small press called The Song Cave. With Ben Estes, he edited A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind: The Poems of Alfred Starr Hamilton. His writing has appeared in BOMB, The Brooklyn Rail, Critical Quarterly, Fence, jubilant, and Harper’s. Lowly, published by Ugly Duckling Presse, is his first collection of poems.

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