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“Why reading can make you a better entrepreneur” and other headlines about reading.

Emily Temple

May 10, 2021, 2:06pm

People who love reading love reading. And people who love reading also love reading about how great reading is. Luckily, as you may have noticed, the opportunities for this kind of reading about reading are apparently endless.

After all, if you spend a lot of time on the internet, you know that reading is kind of a wonder drug—according to science! (And also, sometimes, polls.) Reading, the headlines declare, can make you happier, smarter, less-stressed, more successful, better-rested, more creative, healthier, hotter, nicer, more mindful, and you know, really just all around a better person. It’ll also make you live longer, and be more human. See for yourself, below.

(Look, I am not a reading scientist. I have no information about the quality of the claims presented in these headlines. But purely anecdotally, some of the best readers I’ve known . . . have been jerks. So jury’s out, as far as I’m concerned.)

Why Reading Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Why Reading Books Makes You a Better Person, According to Science

Why Reading Makes You Happier

Why Reading Makes You More Awesome

How Reading Reduces Stress

How Writing and Reading Can Help You Sleep Better

How Reading Makes You More Creative

How Reading Improves Imagination

How Reading Books Improves Social Skills

How Reading More Can Improve Your Writing Skills

How Reading Makes Us More Human

How Reading Can Make You Healthier

How Reading Can Improve Your Memory

How Reading Rewires Your Brain for Higher Intelligence and Empathy

How Reading Aloud Can Be a Mindfulness Practice

How Reading Books Can Boost Your Life Expectancy

New Study Says Reading Makes You More Attractive

Reading Fiction Really Will Make You Nicer and More Empathetic

Reading Fiction Will Improve Your Leadership Skills

Reading Books Makes You Smarter. Here’s Why!

Recreational Reading Reduces Psychological Distress

Reading for Fun Improves Children’s Brains

Honestly? I hope that every single one of these is true.

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