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Why Neil Gaiman keeps a rubber ball and a Groucho Marx statue in his writing room

Emily Temple

June 13, 2019, 1:07pm

Over at Variety, Neil Gaiman has opened the door to his office, which he uses as one of his two main writing spaces (the other is a gazebo in the middle of the woods, naturally). He goes there when he needs real peace and quiet, but here, he says, he can write “surrounded by my books and my things.”

One of those things is a statue of Groucho Marx reminds him “not to take myself too seriously—because that is the death of writers.” Fair enough.

And the rubber ball? Well, it’s a little bit more than a rubber ball. It has a recording of his wife’s heartbeat in it, from when she was pregnant with their son. “It’s a small, special thing,” he told Variety, “but I always smile when I see it and I’m always reminded of the two most important people in my life.” All together now: aww.

Head to Variety to see what else Gaiman keeps on his desk.

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