Which Jane Eyre Should You Watch Over the Holidays?

An Illustrated Guide to Literary Adaptations

December 23, 2015  By Sky Friedlander


Sky Friedlander
Sky Friedlander
Sky Friedlander is an illustrator and bookseller.

  • Itxaaro

    Where’s the version with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson? Admittedly both actors are hard to imagine as “plain” but it’s still not a bad effort. And Toby Stephens always does repressed rage so well!

    • Peggy’s Pizza House

      Yes! I’ve only seen this and the Mia W. movie, but I think this mini-series is so much better. I liked how the two leads were playful with each other. The Mia/Fassbender movie was a bit too serious.

    • Chucks

      Yes! This is a really steamy version too- a particular scene on a bed is verrrry hot (and verrrry un-Bronte). But my personal favorite is the 1997 A&E Ciarian Hinds and Samantha Morton (probably the best “plain Jane”, imo). Caught it very late at at night when I was 12 and went out the next day to the library to get the book. It’s been beloved ever since!

  • loberry

    Wait!! You forgot the series with Timothy Dalton as Rochester. That made my heart swoon.

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  • loberry

    Thank you. I was just about to give that version a shout-out.

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