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Hi. We’ve redesigned Lit Hub, launched a blog, and added a podcast network.

Jonny Diamond

April 30, 2019, 6:05am

Hi. If you’re a semi-regular visitor to Lit Hub dot com first of all thank you—but also, you may have noticed we’ve changed a few things today; for example, this is a blog post, located on our new blog, The Hub (more on the name below). The Hub will move a little quicker than regular old Literary Hub, covering culture, politics, and, of course, all things literary.

We’ve always felt that you can understand most of what’s going on in the world—the good, the awful, the odd, the joyful—through books, so along with distilling (and censoring) Lit Hub office arguments for public consumption, The Hub will bring you the latest in publishing news, Twitter chatter, the writing life, the intersection of books and pop culture, bad puns, a daily fix of literary history and… probably a lot more than that. We don’t know yet.

We’ve also launched Lit Hub Radio, a network of bookish podcasts featuring some established favorites of the genre along with a new show or two, including The Maris Review, which debuts Thursday with the brilliant Maris Kreizman in conversation with Mira Jacob. Also look out for audiobooks coverage from our new contributing editor, James Tate Hill.

And on top of all the Lit Hub features you know and love, we’ll be investing in longer form critical essays, with a focus on serious nonfiction (like, the opposite of a blog), an editorial shift reflected in our navigation redesign, which allows you to see what we’re covering vis a vis serious-sounding topics like SCIENCE, POLITICS, and HISTORY (among others, like FOOD and TRAVEL).

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Now, as promised, here is but a selection of the hundreds of rejected blog names. Most of you will probably just call it the “Lit Hub blog,” which shortens readily to “the Hub.” So yeah, that’s how the magic happens:

lower case
Plots and Expositions
Margin Notes
First Serial
W/T/F (this used to mean “write to fit”)
First Draft
The Run-On
Another Pair of Eyes
Hott Goss with the Litt Hubb Gangg
Zoo Station
The Tub
Julian’s Book Nook
The Avengers