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We’re getting two new Leslie Jamison books.


August 16, 2021, 11:42am

Exciting Monday book news: Leslie Jamison has struck a two-book North American rights agreement with Little, Brown, her standing publisher. They’ll be publishing both a nonfiction book—Splinters—and a novel, Risk. Risk will be Jamison’s first novel since her 2010 debut, The Gin Closet, back before The Empathy Exams raised her profile.

Splinters, the nonfiction text, is “a blend of memoir and criticism exploring single motherhood in the wake of divorce, as well as the intertwining of parenting and art”; Risk, the novel, centers around “the fraying marriage of a Brooklyn couple who permit themselves ever-escalating forms of sexual and emotional freedom in their relationship as a means of holding it together.”

If you’re like me, you’re very excited (especially about the new novel). As we wait for the two books, we can revisit Jamison’s NYTimes essay on sobriety and quarantining with her daughter—a taste of her approach to Splinters’s subject matter.


[h/t Publishers Weekly]

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