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    We’re getting a new Nell Zink novel featuring bikers, princes, and money laundering.


    August 3, 2021, 12:03pm

    Some Tuesday book news: Publishers Marketplace reported today that Nell Zink has sold a new novel to Knopf—following editor Daniel Halpern to Knopf from Ecco Press, which published her novels Mislaid, Nicotine, Private Novelist, and Doxology.

    According to the blurb, Zink’s new novel, Avalon, is “a Cinderella story framed as a confession, complete with a dusty money laundering operation, outlaw bikers, and a handsome prince with cerebral machinations.” Sounds like it has plenty of the “high mayhem” for which Zink is known—and, Publishers Marketplace reported Avalon was sold in a two-book deal, so we have another to look forward to.

    In the meantime, revisit Zink’s advice on how to become a novelist in ten easy steps.

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