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Wedding planners, meet the “open book bar,” the best idea ever.

Corinne Segal

April 28, 2022, 12:04pm

Your most wholesomely delightful read of the day is here: for The New York Times, Rachel Kramer Bussel talks to the couples who are putting books at the center of their wedding celebrations. There are plenty of great details in this story, but the best definitely comes from Emily Miller and Alex Seher, the Baltimore-based couple who created an “open book bar” for their wedding.

The book bar featured copies of books that all shared some connection to Baltimore, where the couple lives, and were all free for guests to take. Bussel gives some great details about the guests’ reactions and how it came together:

“Nothing could have prepared me for how enthusiastic everybody was,” said Ms. Miller, who works as a manager at Greedy Reads, a bookstore with multiple locations in Baltimore. She used her employee discount to purchase the books for their wedding, which cost the couple $1,200.

“I loved seeing them all talking about, ‘What book did you take?’” she added.

If you have the means as well as a wedding to plan, I enthusiastically suggest using this story as a guide. Read and appreciate it here.

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