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    We at Literary Hub hereby approve of Oprah’s newest book club pick.

    Emily Temple

    August 6, 2020, 8:49am

    Phew. I know, you were all waiting on us, right? Especially you, Oprah. Oprah definitely cares what we think. Well, good news everybody: the official position of Literary Hub is that Oprah’s latest book club pick, Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste, is a knockout choice.

    “Of all the books I’ve chosen for book club over the decades, there isn’t another that is more essential a read than this one. It explains why we are where we are in terms of racial injustice and inequality. Caste, Wilkerson tells us, is a disease from which none of us is immune. Caste divisions pre-date racism and explain why it has continued to flourish. But we have a moment now to rebuild a world without a caste hierarchy—a world in which all are truly equal and free. I believe this book shows us the way to that world—this book may well help save us,” Oprah said.

    She’s also planning to buy 500 copies of the book on her own dollar and send them to every governor in the country, along with the top 100 mayors, the top 100 CEOs, and professors at the top 100 colleges, “because it is necessary for people who are leaders in our country to understand the origins of our discontents and what ‘caste’ really means.”

    Well, damn, Oprah. We love it when you champion great books.

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