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    Watch this “cinematic interpretation” of your favorite literary meme, #Bookface.

    Emily Temple

    February 28, 2020, 1:29pm

    Perhaps you have heard of #BookfaceFriday, or simply #Bookface, a meme particularly loved by librarians, in which, well, you replace your face (or another part of your body) with a book, creating a nifty and literary trompe l’oeil. (If not, have fun, and you’re welcome.)

    Recently, filmmaker Jacco Kliesch took the meme to the next level in this short film, created in collaboration with the creative team of the public library in Erlangen, Germany. “For two days,” he writes, “we were carefully lining up faces, objects and body parts—each time trying to create a perfect melding of life and art.” The finished project is a clever, lovely, and surprisingly relaxing ode to books and how much we love them. Bookfacers, onward.

    [via Casual Optimist]

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