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    Watch Pride and Prejudice in 10 minutes, with everything explained by John Mulaney.

    Emily Temple

    April 19, 2021, 2:34pm

    Sometimes the Internet is . . . good? Case in point: today, the algorithm directed me to this speedy visual recap of Pride and Prejudice, explained in the (cherry-picked) dulcet tones of John Mulaney. And you thought there was nothing left to mash up with Jane Austen! (Reader, there’s always something left to mash up with Jane Austen.)

    The video starts with Mulaney’s thoughts on college reading (“I paid $120,000 for someone to tell me to go read Jane Austen . . . and then I didn’t”), and then just gets funnier and funnier. Thank you vaticancameos221bbc; you got me good.

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