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Watch Bob Odenkirk show Stephen Colbert how he wrote his memoir. (Spoiler: it’s comedy.)


March 1, 2022, 2:58pm

Bob Odenkirk: standup, satirist, dramatic actor, action star, and now, memoirist. Odenkirk’s book Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama, detailing his multifaceted career from standup comic to Saturday Night Live writer to surprise dramatic actor and Better Call Saul star, is out today from Random House. Last night, he took a victory lap on The Late Show to celebrate—but revealed, via video sketch, that the book’s road to publication wasn’t easy.

Watch the “behind the scenes” of Bob Odenkirk’s memoir to see him mistreating his team of ghostwriters, lambasting the writing process, and slurping whiskey from an incredibly long straw. (My favorite quote: “This is an actor’s memoir! Dumb it down!”) Yes, it’s comedy . . . because of how truthful it is?

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