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URGENT: R.L. Stine now has custom Kawhi Leonard/Goosebumps sneakers (and you can, too).

Jonny Diamond

April 22, 2022, 11:21am

Look, I know the looming specter of WWIII remains, and that most of both polar ice caps are dwindling as we speak, but please take note: the absolutely charming R.L. Stine now has his very own pair of KAWHI II “Goosebumps.” And he was so happy to receive them he posted about it on Twitter.

The good news is that these jolie laide bad boys are available the world over, which means I can now look forward to blowing by slightly dorky older millennial dads this summer as they pause to dust off their “Goosebumps” and wave to baby Sagebrush on the tire swing. (Obviously they’re by New Balance.)

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