Two Creepy Tales by Max Porter and Kamila Shamsie

Because the Real World Isn't Scary Enough

October 31, 2018  By Literary Hub

“Mrs Charbury at Eltham” by Max Porter

“‘Who is the man in a brown cloak standing at the foot of my bed every night?’ my sister asked, aged six or seven.

I said ‘A ghost’ and Mother said ‘Bad dreams’ and Papa said ‘Absolute nonsense. Nobody cares for your made-up terrors.’” Read more

Foreboding” by Kamila Shamsie

“‘I don’t believe in ghosts,’ Khalid said, his first day on the job as a security guard at Kenilworth Castle.

‘Neither do I,’ said the gardener, who had stopped at the staff kitchen for a cup of tea. ‘But when something funny happens that you can’t explain, just remember the ghosts here aren’t malicious.” Read more


From Eight Ghosts: The English Heritage Book of New Ghost Stories. Used with permission of September Publishing. Copyright © 2018 by Max Porter. Copyright © 2018 by Kamila Shamsie.

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