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    Tired of buying airport books? These airports are installing Little Free Libraries.


    February 2, 2021, 1:12pm

    A great idea! Marshall University students in Bret Masters’s building technology class are currently building bookshelves to install Little Free Libraries in Yeager and Huntington Tri-State Airports.

    The idea for the project was originated by Kelli Johnson, associate librarian at Marshall, when she took a pre-pandemic trip through San Diego’s airport, which had its own Little Free Library. “That’s brilliant to me,” said Johnson to The Herald-Dispatch. “I am a reader, but I don’t want to lug books on a plane, but I don’t like a tablet. If I had finished my book, I could grab a new one for the flight and leave the one I had finished.” Johnson is currently taking book donations to stock the libraries; her email is kelli.johnson@marshall.edu.

    There are a few other Little Free Libraries in airports around the country—Providence’s Green Airport and Grand Rapids’s Gerald R. Ford International Airport, to name a few—but I hope this is just the start. Imagine if there were a Little Free Library in every airport; travelers could have a book to occupy themselves on every flight, without having to lug heavy books from home or buy airport paperbacks. Nobody tell Hudson News.

    [via The Herald-Dispatch]

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