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    This surreal seaside library will transport you into the clouds.


    May 14, 2021, 12:22pm

    Because you can always use another gorgeous library to imagine yourself inside: MAD Architects has built a seaside library in Haikou, China that eschews blocky, familiar design in favor of flowing forms mimicking the clouds and sea that surround it. Essentially, it’s a cloudlike paradise on the water—are you sold yet?

    The building, made of concrete, has a liquid feel: the sloping, natural-looking walls resemble a cave. Openings in the building let in natural light and allow readers to observe the sky and sea outside, and holes in the children’s reading area let children play and explore. According to MAD Architects, the unconventional design allows you to step out of your everyday spatial and temporal routine—much like the transportive experience of picking up a new book.

    Best of all, as of last month, it’s completely open for public use. But if you can’t make it to Haikou for a visit, let these photos tide you over. Or cloud you over. Ha ha.

    [via SURFACE, ArchDaily]

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