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    This fundraising campaign is raising money for Black literary arts organizations.


    June 24, 2021, 1:06pm

    Here’s a project to keep on your radar: five groups across the country—Cave Canem Foundation in Brooklyn, NY; Furious Flower Poetry Center in Harrisonburg, VA; The Hurston/Wright Foundation in DC; Obsidian Lit in Normal, IL; and The Watering Hole in Columbia, SC—have come together for a collective fundraiser to raise awareness of the importance of supporting Black literary arts organizations.

    From Juneteenth until Independence Day, Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation will raise money for the five organizations; funds from the GoFundMe will be equally distributed between them and sustain their general capacity, public programs, and other services they provide.

    For Cave Canem, Furious Flower, Hurston/Wright, Obsidian, and The Watering Hole, it was an intuitive choice to fundraise together. “We have been influenced by and benefitted from the legacy of all of the organizations in this collective and many others. We have been advised by, shared resources with, and informally partnered with our mentor organizations. This Collective simply makes public what already exists,” said Monifa Lemons and Candace G. Wiley, co-founders of The Watering Hole. “Rather than compete for support, it made more sense to join forces and share for the collective good of Black literary arts.”

    Getting Word’s GoFundMe can be found here.

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