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    Things I Hate: Please don’t buy your dad a lifetime supply of 12-minute “micro books.”

    Jonny Diamond

    June 15, 2022, 10:44am

    What not to get your dad (or me, who is a dad) for Father’s Day: a $30 lifetime subscription to the 12min Micro Book Library.

    I can think of (almost) nothing more tortuous than confronting an infinite amount of “books” condensed into pale shadows of their former selves, lexical Procrustes stuffed into meaningless units of consumption, all in the name of… what? Learning? Knowing a very (very) little about a lot? I guess the answer is “efficiency” and I fucking hate it.

    Yes, I understand this is aimed at the self-identified tech/business mini mogul who desires nothing more than the kind of holistic self-mastery that can only—surely, truly, eventually?—be arrived at through the hoarding of time.

    But here’s the thing, Super Efficient Dad Boss: when will enough saved time be enough? When will all your empty calorie time-hacks provide actual dividends? What is the point of *not* ever actually reading a book? By not reading thousands of books (cuz buddy, these aren’t books) are you making time to one day, maybe, relax and read a real book?

    I’m begging you, please: stop saving time and start spending it. It’s good. (And you probably don’t have much of it left.)