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    There’s a Banshees of Inisherin video game and you should all play it.

    Jonny Diamond

    March 20, 2023, 11:30am

    There is a Banshees of Inisherin video game and it is a goddamn delight. Created by marketing concern Cogs & Marvel, the game—which has a classic late 80s 8-bit aesthetic—is a Pac-Manesque collect-and-escape adventure in which you play as Colm Doherty, Brendan Gleeson’s soulfully misanthropic character whose refusal to stay friends with Pádraic Súilleabháin (played by Colin Farrell) serves as the film’s primary conflict.

    Each level adds a new antagonist who chases Colm as he tries to collect his severed fingers on the way to the pub for a quiet pint; I haven’t made it to level four yet but the first three villains are Pádraic, simpleton Dominic Kearney (played by Barry Keoghan), and Pádraic’s sister Siobhán (played by Kerry Condon).

    My favorite detail thus far is that when Colm gets caught by one of his nemeses his dying words are “I don’t like you no more.” I can only assume at some point Colm reaches a level where he has to do battle with Pádraic’s beloved donkey, the unforgettable Jenny.