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    The OED is adding 12 new coronavirus-related entrants, including “elbow bump” and “infodemic.”

    Jessie Gaynor

    April 9, 2020, 11:27am

    The Oxford English Dictionary—which typically issues updates quarterly—is publishing a crop of coronavirus-related words out of cycle. Usually news of language evolving makes us happy, but this one is obviously much more ominous. Actually, less an omen than another shriek joining the chorus.

    Here are the new entrants, likely all too familiar to you by now:

    • COVID-19
    • Elbow bump
    • To flatten the curve
    • Infodemic
    • PPE and personal protective equipment
    • R0
    • Self-isolate. self-isolated, self-isolation
    • Self-quarantine, self-quarantined
    • Shelter in place
    • Social distancing
    • Social isolation
    • WFH

    [via BBC]

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