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The editor of Michelle Obama’s Becoming is starting a new publishing company.

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October 22, 2020, 8:01am

It’s always good news when people want to invest in books, so we’re happy to hear that Molly Stern, the former SVP & Publisher of Penguin Random House’s Crown imprint, is starting a new publishing company in partnership with the independent studio SISTER. (Stern was Michelle Obama’s editor, and the publisher of Matthew Desmond’s Evicted, Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, and that other little book, Gone Girl). Her new company Zando will launch its first books in Fall 2021.

Founded on Stern’s belief in the essential value of books, the enduring influence of great stories and powerful ideas, and the necessity of literary diversity… Zando will collaborate with influential people, platforms and institutions to acquire and publish new titles under their own imprints.

Stern says,“Books are the source code of the world’s best stories and ideas. With SISTER’s support, I’m thrilled to launch a nimble new publishing company for the modern era, one that builds on my long history in publishing, embraces collaboration and makes the most of all the novel ways readers come to great work. It’s our aim to harness and scale the most persuasive magic of all: authentic enthusiasm.”

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